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burlesque classes

  • Level 1: Essentials
    Level 1: Essentials
    Sun, Jul 07
    Denver Dance Center
    Jul 07, 2024, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
    Denver Dance Center, 2496 W 2nd Ave #3, Denver, CO 80223, USA
    Denver's hottest beginner burlesque course!
The School of Badass Burlesque
weekly classes
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Wed 11:10am @ Rockstar Pole Fitness

Thurs 5:45pm @ Circus Collective

Sat 10am @ Rockstar Pole Fitness

Intro to Contortion

Increase your strength and flexibility in this all-levels class!

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Wed 7:55pm @ Rockstar Pole Fitness

Beginning Belly Dance

Begin your belly dance journey

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Anytime! Any place!

Online Burlesque Classes

Level 1: Essentials classes are now online via subscription to my Patreon page!

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Private Lessons

Book a private lesson for burlesque, belly dance, or contortion with Katya in Denver or online.

About The School of Badass Burlesque

The School of Badass Burlesque Philosophy

At Badass Burlesque we focus on teaching our performers a solid dance foundation. We've taken the best basic jazz, ballet, belly dance, and of course burlesque techniques to inform and refine your performance, so that you receive a strong and well-rounded burlesque performance technique education.

The School of Badass Burlesque does not discriminate based on race, age, gender, sexuality, body size, or just about anything else. If you have the ability and the desire to participate in the classes, you are welcome!

The Badass Burlesque Class Format

Badass Burlesque classes are run in 9-week sessions. At the end of the 9 weeks students have the option to perform both the group choreography from class and a solo in a student showcase. 

Classes consist of a strength and flexibility warm up, basic dance fundamentals technique and burlesque technique practice, combination or choreography practice, and a cool down.

The School of Badass Burlesque offers 3 different levels of burlesque education. In order to progress to the next level, you must pass a certification test of the previous level. 

School of Badass Burlesque Proficiency Levels Summary

Level 1: Essentials

In level one students learn a wide array of basic tools to begin a successful burlesque career. This includes beginner's strength and flexibility, dance fundamentals, burlesque movement and strip tease, basic musicality, stage makeup, solo choreography creation, performance polish, and booking tips. This is where you start to gain muscular stability and strength, learn what it's like to be on the stage, and begin to develop the nuance that helps you look like a true performer.


Upon passing the Level 1 test, dancers are welcomed into the Badass Burlesque student troupe for as long as they remain in good standing with their dance education.


Level 2: Advanced Skills

In level two, we kick it up a notch. Now that you've got the basics down, the focus is on delving deeper into strength and flexibility, learning more difficult dance moves, developing stage presence, and improving skills for ensemble dancing.


Level 3: Professional

Level three is the ultimate performance level at the School of Badass Burlesque. Classes at this level include still more difficult strength and flexibility exercises and dance moves, with a big focus on storytelling and character work.


Upon passing the Level 3 test, dancers are welcomed into the Badass Burlesque professional troupe - the Bomb Squad! 


 Teaching and Producing

Members of the Bomb Squad have the opportunity to take our Teaching and Producing modules. This is where you learn the tools to teach the Badass Burlesque format or to produce your own Badass Burlesque shows! The Teaching module focuses on hands-on experience to learn classroom management strategies, creation of group sequences,and leadership skills, whereas the Production module discusses strategies for production, and production trouble-shooting.




What is testing like?


Each level's test is designed to let the student demonstrate mastery or near-mastery of the skills taught in each level. It will consist of checking form in our class warmup and dance drills, and performing the class choreography for Katya at the studio. 

Do I need a certification to start performing burlesque?

No, you don't! Certification with Badass Burlesque is for students who want to

  • linearly track their burlesque dance education and progress

  • feel knowledgeable and secure in their growing dance skills

  • have a solid foundation in dance movement as it relates to burlesque

  • have a well-rounded set of skills for their burlesque career

  • hold themselves to a high standard of dance and performance capabilities

  • empower themselves by reaching goals in a structured and creative environment

  • nurture a sense of personal accomplishment and achievement

  • learn body awareness and proper technique offered in a safe a structured format

  • progress in creativity and emotional development

  • eventually teach classes and produce shows


Do I have take the certification test?

No, you don't! You are welcome to take the Level 1: Essentials class without testing for certification. However, you must successfully pass the Level 1 test before you will be admitted to level 2 classes (and so on).

Who can take School of Badass Burlesque classes?

Almost anybody! Requirements include:

  • being 18 years of age or older

  • being in good physical health with the ability to complete a normal exercise class

  • if recently injured, clearance from your doctor to participate in exercises classes

  • having a positive and welcoming attitude

As mentioned previously, the School of Badass Burlesque does not discriminate based on race, age, gender, sexuality, body size, or just about anything else. If you have the ability and the desire to participate in the classes, you are welcome! 

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