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Check out Katya's interview with VoyageDenver!

About Badass Burlesque

Founded in 2017, Badass Burlesque is Denver's premiere burlesque school and production company!


We have had several students complete our 9-week class sessions and go on to become burlesque dancers and producers in their own right. If you are interested in attending classes and becoming a burlesque performer yourself, please check out our School of Badass Burlesque page. We offer everything from full burlesque classes, to workshops, to private lessons, including belly dance as well!

Badass Burlesque has also produced several burlesque stage shows throughout Colorado from Denver to Frisco, from student showcases to private shows for bachelorette or New Years Eve parties. We are available to produce anything from full shows at a bar or other public venue, to full private shows, or smaller, more intimate performances. If you are interested in celebrating a milestone with us, just shoot us an email!

About Katya Peepin

 Katya is the founder and, as her tagline states, Queen of Badass Burlesque. She does everything from teaching classes, to producing shows, to performing in both burlesque and belly dance, and is a staple in the Denver burlesque scene.

Katya has about 15 years of dance experience behind her, including belly dance, jazz, burlesque, lyrical, and more. She fell in love with dance through a student club at university and has been dancing and performing ever since. From her humble roots in the Midwest to performing in bars in Seoul before making her way to Denver, Katya keeps dancing wherever she may roam, and she loves to share her knowledge with others through her classes. 


About  Hemlock LaRue

 Hemlock LaRue has been a performer all their life. They started taking to the stage with a lot less clothing in 2018 after going to Katya's Badass Burlesque classes. Since then, they’ve been relentlessly stealing hearts and emptying wallets across Colorado.

With an emphasis on storytelling, drama, and theatricality, Hemlock brings their expertise, energy, and excitement to Badass Burlesque as a co-producer and multi-hat behind the scenes helper!

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