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Dance in the time of Corona

Let's face it - this shit sucks. Our lives have been turned on end. We all need haircuts and hugs and anything else that can help us feel "normal."


As an introvert, it actually took me a couple of weeks of staying at home playing computer games and not talking to people before I snapped and started eating my shampoo. While I do still have the occasional meltdown, I've found that my innate ability to stay calm and focus has put me in a unique position.

For a while now I have mentally struggled with the thought of how to give back to my community, specifically as a burlesque performer and business owner. How can I use my influence to help people in Denver? How can I become more involved in my local burlesque community?

As many of you may know, I have been teaching a free online choreography class that I call the Badass Burlesque Quarantiki (I don't think my play on the word "kiki" has really landed with people, but I digress). I am also producing the Badass Burlesque Bedroom Series online burlesque show, also for free. Don't get me wrong. I am one of the many people who is out of income at the moment, so donations and tips are gratefully accepted for both of these events. But producing them has become so much more powerful than that, for me.

Since these events started coming out, I have had an outpouring of thanks and support.

"So fun!" - Ashley A.

"You motivate me to move!" - Vivi V.

"Thank you for networking with artists during these hard times." Ally B.

"I...watched Katya's show last night and she really inspired me." - Georgia M. W.

You guys, I am humbled. Suddenly, I've realized that there is a place for me and a way to give back. I know there are strangers and friends alike out there who are really struggling. There are people who need motivation, who need to move and jiggle out some of their stress, who just plain need something to do. I've come to realize that this is where I can step up and give back and be part of this community. The burlesque community, and the global community.

So please, don't be shy. If you need a lift, come to the class, come to the shows. ENJOY the life and movement that we feel so deprived of these days with me. Let's continue to dance in the time of corona.

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